PEW Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

The Company is a dedicated manufacturer of Brake System Components i.e Brake Cylinders, Reservoirs, Angle Cocks, Check Valves, Isolating Cocks as well as Empty Load Boxes. The company’s customers include all Air Brake Manufacturers e.g Escorts, Knorr Bremse, Faiveley, all major Wagon Builders and Zonal Railways. All products are RDSO approved.

  • Stainless Steel Air Reservoir
  • Empty Load Device
  • Guard Emergency Brake Valve
  • Quick Coupling
  • Retrofitment of twin pipe Air Brake System
  • Single Wagon Test Rig
  • Brake Cylinder
  • Brake Cylinder with Integral Slack Adjuster
  • 8”×8” Brake Cylinder for Locomotive application
  • Auxiliary Reservoir 75 litres, 80 litres, 100 litres & 200 litres
  • Cut-off Angle Cock (Coaching & Freight)
  • Check Valve
  • Centrifugal Dirt Collector
  • Isolating Cock
  • Passenger Emergency Alarm Valve and Signal Device
  • Air Brake Hose Coupling for Brake Pipe & Feed Pipe
  • Brake Beams for Bogie Mounted Brake System for Freight Stock
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