Lalbaba Industrial Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Lalbaba Industrial Corporation Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in the manufactuirng of critical forgings and fabrication items for application in Wagon and Carriage for Railways, as well as for use in the Automobile Industry, Steel Plants. The plant is located in the industrial area of Howrah District of West Bengal with excellent road and railway connectivity.


  • Transition Screw Coupling
  • Knuckle Thrower
  • Lock Lift Lever Hook
  • Toggle
  • Door Hinge
  • Draft Gear Assembly
  • Spring Loaded Side Bearer Assembly
  • Flap Door
  • Chainless Cotter
  • Secondary Lashing Chain Assembly
  • Shackle Stone
  • Side Frame Key
  • Block Hanger (Modified) For Bogie Brake
  • Refurbishment of wagons & coaches
  • Hanger Block For Bolster Suspension
  • Pipes & Joints For Air Brake For Freight & Coaching Stock
  • Main Pull Fork
  • Upper Bearing
  • Wearing Plate
  • Anchor Link
  • Traction Lever
  • Body to Bogie Connecting Swinging Link
  • Coupler Hook
  • Coupler Yoke
  • Coupler Drawbar
  • Forgings for Slack Adjusters
  • ABC Coupler
  • TT Coupler


Bailey Bridge forged components i.e. Male Eye Lug, Eye Plate and Saddle


  • All Types Of Heat Resistance Grate Bar For Sinter Plant
  • Hammer Crushers (Modified)
  • Links (various sizes)

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